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This website reflects the two pursuits to which I dedicate most of my time: art and travel. (A separate website,  Isigma Photo is dedicated to my other passion, teaching.)

During my school years in the Soviet era, teachers guided me towards a future in engineering as I was a stronger student in the sciences than in the humanities. Art was not honored or encouraged in our schools. That’s why after high school, I left the city of my birth, Romny, in Ukraine, to attend university in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. I received my master’s degree in computer engineering, and dedicated 20 years of my life to computers.

Today I’m back to the field of my second education, and make my livelihood through photography, visual and web design and teaching, and photography remains my passion and the main language through which I communicate with the world.

From early years my photographs focus on nature, architecture, abstract subjects and people in their daily lives. I still prefer a documentary style of portrait photography more than posed shots. I enjoy looking into real life rather than setting up photos according to my wishes. The reason for this is my sincere respect for what Nature has so perfectly created, and to unique people in their unique lives. This is what I try to address through my images.

Being a Sagittarius, I do not feel myself living life in full without traveling. Even in school years I was an active participant in travel pursuits. At university, I was active in sport orienteering. Later I became a rock climber in Minsk. Since 2009, I have been organizing and leading educational tours internationally. (You can learn more about my tours at Isigma Photo.)

Travel keeps my blood pulsing through my veins. It helps me better understand the world and to meet remarkable people. It gives me the opportunity to photograph people who fascinate me. Travel provides the moments when we feel truly alive instead of hiding in the protective shell of our everyday selves. It brings us close to nature and to the creative process of living… moments when each person radiates harmony, grows beautiful and richly diverse.

I want to share with you such moments through both my Blog, and Facebook page, which are open for commenting. If you are only interested in photos from the blog, they can be found in the Gallery. I also publish my best creative and commercial works in the Portfolio.

I wish you true excitement in your own unique world of photography!

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