This was my first trip to Texas. Before I went there I had the following image in my mind about the state: severe cowboys, riding giant bulls in dry prairies.

Well, I have to admit, that I haven’t seen that picture this time.

First of all, my trip took place at the end of November, which is rather warm in Texas, but not enough for grass to grow, thus bulls, being smart animals decline to hang out in prairies. ๐Ÿ™‚

Secondly, during this short family style trip I didn’t want to drive somewhere far alone. It’s worth to say, that Texas has a specific meaning of the word ‘far’. If one live somewhere else than in the center of a big city, one can expect to drive to the closest Starbucks for somewhat around 10 miles. Which is considered here as ‘close’.

It is true though, that the image of a cowboy is still highly respected in Texas. For example where else it’s usual to find a special deal at the restaurant: to eat 72 ounces of meat with two sides in one hour and to get your money for the meal back?

Another part of the cowboy story is a gun, which is a historical tradition with a special relation to it. On arrival I’d been immediately invited to go hunting. I don’t see myself a hunter in any way, even with a photography weapon, knowing that somebody around me will be hunting the animal with a real gun. Thus I had to disappoint my friends with a decline… As a result, we were shooting cans.

What impressed me the most during this trip are very unique empty space landscapes with rare lonely objects, like an old house or abandoned one-pump gas station etc. I understand, that the theme of Texas is far for me to be uncovered yet, and I’ll go there again for sure, taking my time to making photos about the state that I’m having now in my mind.

Here is a small photography sketch for you about my visit to Amarillo, Texas at the end of 2013.


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