Last winter I was in Kiev (Ukraine) with a short visit. Having no time for photography there, I had one walk through the neighborhood to Dnipro – one of the largest European rivers, where I took few pictures.

What you see on the photos is just a lateral channel of the huge river, – the main riverbed never freezes. It was the end of February. Although the day temperature was above 40 degrees, the ice on the lateral channel was still intact, keeping winter fishing followers on-site.
It was also fun to see how some people cut their walking way to a neighbor city district through the river. These routes are common in winter in some parts of the 4-million citizens capital of the country.

My path to the river crossed a little pond – quite a contrast to the surrounding concrete multistory buildings. Local residents of this area enjoy it as a tiny oasis for sun bathing, barbecue, fishing, and ice skating in winter.

We all know that the economy of Ukraine is not in the best shape right now. As usually in such cases social programs suffer first. Here is a good example  – an entrance to the local municipal kindergarten playground.

This is a part of the everyday reality for people here, and they live paying little to no attention to things like this. They have more important primary task in lives.


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