In 2014 I did a job for Teilmann Design (NM, USA) creating visual presentation materials for their architectural project. The construction of the apartment complex is probably finished by now, and it was interesting to see it in reality to compare with images, I created for the presentation. Some time ago the architect from the bureau sent me a photo from “the fields” – construction site in 2015.

Here is a look of the building on the presentation, which i created.


And this is the actual look of the same building under construction.


The color palette for the presentation was provided to me with the plots during the project. Not surprisingly so that even the walls’ and roof’s colors look similar on both images.

Knowing that even photographers now days not always see their work in material world (e.g. printed), it felt special to be able to see my work erected on the ground… I think this possibility to see own designs being maid in real world is a huge satisfaction factor of architects’ job.

You can see the mentioned above project’s description here.

The description of my multimedia work for the project was listed in this blog article.

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