Beloved is an annual music festival in Oregon. It is unique first of all in the way a few thousands of participants blend with, and vanish in the forest during the event. There are no big tent campgrounds (besides maybe one on the photo) – the entire community spread among the big territory of the festival.

There is a lot usually happening during the festival. Besides a good music there are meditation classes, yoga, ecstatic dance parties, and other fun activities.

During three days of the festival one can observe artists, creating their paintings from the scratch. There are artisan places everywhere, offering handmade jewelry, minerals and stones, tea and art pieces. Of course, there is a variety of places to eat, and a dedicated crafted closing market.

I’d like to praise the organizers for their creativity and thoughtful work. Organizing, feeding and entertaining thousands of people in a way that treasures the forest, is not an easy task. The Beloved festival succeeds in it beautifully though. Starting from the festival checking in process and parking, and ending with the zoning and activities throughout the festival – everything showed their great wisdom, and resulted in the guests’ pleasant experience. For example, there are few major trails on the festival’s map. They connect different camping areas with performing stages and classes. All those major trails were illuminated at night, which supported safe and beautiful atmosphere around.

Kids of the festival had their dedicated classes and activities: painting, doll making, puppet theater (magic dragon Fooble the dragon), and many more. Our child was amazed.

Wondering around along multiple trails of the festival forest one can stumble upon cozy spots to relax: hammocks, handmade caves and alcoves. You could visit a fortune teller, or go play chess, or spend time in an improvised sauna.

It was impossible to be at all three activity canters (besides the main stage) at the same time. I naturally missed a lot, and can’t tell you about, but nobody could miss the spirit of fun and unity in the air, that we’ve all created together!

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