Christmas is one of the most intimate family holidays in America. One shouldn’t be a catholic to feel this soft and comforting spirit which leads the life around Christmas. Kids are waiting presents, parents – improvements in life, and we all are in awaiting of a miracle.
Either it’s a symbolism of Jesus birth, as a promise of positive changes in our life, or waiting of a miracle, with which we associate a beginning of each New Year; anyhow it positively influence our mood during last week of a year.
Celebration of Christmas in Santa Fe, NM is especially touching.

New Mexico combined Mexican and native Indian culture into unique composition, thus bringing very special elements to a local celebration of the holiday.

Illumination of each city during Christmas, or even each house, always impersonates our subconscious longing to beauty and miracle, as if stimulating to bring all these bright colors to our life in the forthcoming year. Santa Fe has its own type of illumination – farolitos. Those are especial yellow lanterns which decorate perimeters of many buildings all year around, but on Christmas night they also decorate many roads. For that goal people usually put numerous yellow paper bags with candle inside along roads, where they live. It looks magnificent and very moving.

Canyon Road probably is the main attraction of a Christmas night in Santa Fe. Not only many citizens, but also numerous tourists, coming to the city for this special night, visit celebrating street during the night. Almost all galleries of the Canyon Road, decorated with farolitos, open their doors to night visitors offering hot apple cider, inspiring to continue their voyage in winter cold.

It’s always challenging to photograph a night city, but photographing a night street with ever moving crowd is challenging indeed. A good thing is that on such a long shutter speed shots people simply disappear, leaving only colorful light trails from their flashlights on the image.

I invite you to deep for a moment into a magic of Christmas night on Canyon Road, Santa Fe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let them bring you good and love into your life!

P.S. The covering postcard was created from the shot, maid on the Canyon Road on the same Christmas night.


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