Have you ever been to Cirque Du Soleil? Some people think they know what circus is, but it is impossible to know what Cirque Du Soleil is. It is not just a parade of world-class jugglers, acrobats, clowns, etc. – Du Soleil creates a unique world and tells us stories about it. Each program is a different world and a different tale.

Recent performance Luzia (DC area) was my third Cirque Du Soleil story. It was suppose to be especially meaningful as me and my wife were going to introduce our 3-year old son to the beautiful world of circus. I’m glad that Du Soleil became Oliver’s introduction to wonder.

Well, I came to the performance to enjoy watching it, but I couldn’t stop admiring my son’s reaction to the action on the stage. He was thrilled, he was impressed, he saw real magic in a breathtakingly magical world.

I did snap few photos though, just to remember those moments: the work of artists, light, human imagination and human possibilities. These photos is nothing comparing to the personal experience from the show, and I believe, everyone who likes beauty, has to see Circus Du Soleil in person at least ones in life.


Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil

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