Plain air photography class on composition ‘Long shutter speed in daytime shooting’. Long shutter speed in daytime shooting helps us to convey (or create) an effect of object’s motion.

Exposing an image longer that it’s needed to freeze object’s motion, we allow a predictable amount of blur to appear in thee frame. It increases an illusion of dynamics in the frame. It’s also helpful to create effects my moving camera during exposing.

‘Panning’ is one of the commonly used examples of moving camera effects. There is no restriction in experimenting with your artsy effects. You can also use certain amount of blur to hide unnecessary details on the image, or to create some mystery in your story. Just practice to understand how long shutter speed you need to create certain effect.

Don’t forget, that ND (neutral density) filters could be helpful for long exposures on a bright day. Exposure compensation is often needed to prevent an over exposure of bright objects in blur.


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