This two day workshop in Santa Fe, NM I dedicated to developing skills of analyzing light in the photographic scene and to effective use of external flashes in order to improve or rebuild light in the scene. The accent point will be done on photographing portraits.

Some photos from the workshop demonstrate the use of a single flash:
– to support and balance the existing light (black & white images);
– to create an artificial light pattern on the front plane exclusively by means of an external flash (color image [5] – on-camera flash, [3, 4] – off-camera flash).

Major themes, covered during the workshop:

  • important features of a modern flash;
  • analyzing light in the scene: light sources, their type, direction, and contrast in the scene;
  • building a mood with light in portrait photography;
  • working with flash under different light conditions;
  • balancing flash with available light;
  • matching color temperature;
  • natural and specialized reflectors and modifiers;
  • off-camera work technique.


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