Two small Croatian towns: Makarska and Zadar.

Both of them have sea ports. To get to Makarska from Dubrovnik you have to cross a small portion of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatia loses the ownership on of the coastal road for about 10 miles. The procedure of crossing Bosnia is flawless: either you just present the cover of your foreign passport, or the customs officer doesn’t want even that, being satisfied with the Croatian license plate of your rental car.

Makarska is a tiny and very cozy town, tightly surrounded by the mountains. It leads a sequence of beautiful beaches, spread along the coastal line till Zadar. Zadar has a big harbor, hosting even huge auto ferries.

Traveling along the Mediterranean sea in Dalmatia region you can observe the sea not further than till the closest island. There are more then a thousand of them in Croatia, and they create more then two thirds of the entire shore line of the country, which is 3,900 miles.


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