Visiting friends I spotted few pieces of old magnifying glass in the owner’s “man cave”. The timing was just right, so I decided to play with the glass a bit, to see what kid of images I can get through it.

He are the pair of lenses I ended up using in my photo session with the 28mm prime lens on the full frame body.

Old Magnifying Glass

Old Magnifying Glass

I had to hold the camera in one hand, and a single, or a combo glass in my other hand, moving the glass in front of the camera lens to manually catch the focus. It was actually doable without any additional devices because I’m using a palm strap on my camera body, which was very helpful in this situation.

As a result the photos have that nostalgic soft look: low local contrast, and the lack of sharpness, which we are familiar with from the film era. Especially pleasant the look of portraits. I’d like to mention the fact, that there is almost no post-production done to the images. The primary editing here was cropping.

Here are selected photos from the session.

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