Advertisement For KBE


Conceptional (not product related) advertisement materials for KBE, which present the atmosphere of a living style, being protected by clean window technologies. KBE is a leading trademark of the Profine GmbH, German group of corporations, manufacturing PVC profile for window and door production.

Considering company’s slogan “Windows with overview to the future” I come up with three images with the following subjects:

  • happy young family (modern interior, simplicity, light colors, homy clothing, warmth with red accents),
  • young business (simplicity, light colors with an office accent blue color),
  • modern teenager (more contrast, modern outfit, dog as a joyful element).


  • Studio portrait photography.
  • Photoshop: image post-production.
  • Billboard design /26ft x 13ft/.
  • Poster design
  • Print color proofing.