Piñon Community Acupuncture

Web design for Piñon Community Acupuncture Clinic online business.

Assignment: Create a community friendly design with the feeling of affordability of services, being offered by the acupuncture clinic. Although the main acupuncture service and qi gong classes root in Japanese culture, the site design shouldn’t convey an Asian look.

Target audience: working people who need an affordable health support.


  • Business
  • Community clinic
  • warm colors with soft contrast, and natural textures of the theme create an inviting look with business accent of block structure
  • color palette with low contrast, based on earthy green, pale beige and chestnut wood
  • call to action dynamic slider for services on the home page
  • appointment booking system
  • membership registration system
  • newsletter database
  • event announcement calendar
  • online payment system
  • social networks friendly
  • fully mobile responsive
  • SEO optimized
  • English
  • logo design both for the clinic and the website
  • office and treatment photography and post-production by Igor Skibenko
  • unique natural wood textures and design image elements has been created for the site
  • unique appointment system with online payment, with automatic Google calendar scheduling and synchronization for all practitioners of the clinic
  • Launched – 2014