These selected images are part of my reportage on the San Francisco Trans March 2016.

It is a known fact that San Francisco is one of the leading cities in supporting minorities. I’m not talking about the colorful Castro street – one of the popular touristic sites. It is not about meeting gay or transgender people in the city. More importantly what city does to make their life more comfortable, including housing, jobs, and medical support. From the Trans March speeches I learned that there are still a lot of problems, but at least people discuss this topic, and the city is open to hear about them.

San Francisco Trans March is a annual whole day event, which starts in Dolores Park, with different activities, speeches and concert. It brings together minorities of different color, gender, age, and countries. The most known part of the event is a parade, organizing thousands of attendees in the night. The police did a great job helping organizing city traffic on the Market street during the Trans March.

What I found surprising for myself is how people on the streets were giving their support to the March: drivers cheerfully honking; a street orchestra, playing on the way of the parade; rainbow and tree-color flags hanging on banks’ buildings, and in restaurants’ windows; pedestrians with some sort of “Ally” signs; people, greeting the March from windows of their homes.

As usually there were few beautifully decorated drag queens, inevitably catching peoples eyes, dancing groups of representatives from South America, and an atmosphere of a festival.

Here are the images.


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