Surrounded by mountains at the altitude of 7,200 ft, Santa Fe is usually colder than neighbor towns, though rarely experiencing natural disasters. Snow clouds, being held by mountains in winter almost have no chance to sneak into the Santa Fe valley. Although it feels very powerful and beautiful, when it happens.

This snowfall had happened during a night just before my birthday at the end of November. It was impossible to stay home, witnessing heavy snow, and I spent couple hours, walking and photographing in the night lonely town. Due to a natural difficulty driving cars through the blizzard at midnight time, I was alone on streets, which completely changed their look under the magic of a snow cover. We’ve had more than a feet of snow through one single night, and it stayed for the following couple days, preserving a new festive look of the town.
I’ve got a real pleasure shoveling the snow out of our back and front yard next morning. I understood that all local people, who treat that amount of snow as a disaster, relate to my joy of playing in snowdrifts. ๐Ÿ™‚


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