Yosemite Park gained it’s popularity first of all due to photography works of Ansel Adams. He loved the park and spent a lot of time photographing it. There is a museum of Ansel Adams in the park, where one can buy works and books of the Master. There are many photographers in the park and usually you can see groups of them, waiting for the proper light at the key spots, from which Ansel Adams took his masterpieces. You have to truly love landscape photography to try to mimic his winter photos though. It becomes extremely cold there in winter, plus certain park roads are closed at that time.

The park is huge, you can hike for weeks there. It’s worth to spend you energy to travel to such an amazing place, and get an unforgettable impression from the look of numerous waterfalls, rivers, and gorgeous panoramic views.

First time I visited Yosemite in September 2012 and dreaming to visit it again.
Here is the link to the official website of the Yosemite Nathional Park.

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